Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance


Omega Investigation Services are specialists in Covert Surveillance which is by far our most common service we offer our customers who need  photographic / video evidence of their partners cheating.

Covert Surveillance is used to obtain photographic and video evidence  for many different reasons and the evidence we supply will stand up in  Court.

Your Covert Surveillance operatives use the most advanced covert camera equipment to make sure that the evidence obtained during the  Surveillance operation is presented in a High Definition quality that cannot be denied. During evening/night time Surveillance tasks our operatives will use Night Vision camera equipment to ensure the customer gets all the evidence required.

Covert Surveillance is perfectly legal and Omega Investigation Services employs a number of techniques to ensure that the work is Professional, Discreet and Confidential. Once the Covert Surveillance task is complete our  operatives will compile a professional report which will contain all  photographic / video evidence obtained during the Surveillance operation  and this will be sent to the customer by email on the same day the Covert Surveillance task is complete.

Omega Investigations has both male and female Covert Surveillance  operatives available all over the Michigan and most of the Midwest. We  operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and no job is too big or too small.


Why do people use Covert Surveillance?


The most common reasons are:


To have your partner followed to see what they are doing behind your back

  • To obtain photographic  / video evidence of your partner cheating
  • To monitor your ex partner‘s  behavior with your children when you are not around
  • To monitor your partner’s movements whilst you are at work
  • To see if your partner cheats on you whilst they are on holiday
  • To catch an employee who is lying about being off sick
  • To monitor staff behavior at work
  • To keep an eye on family members who could be in danger / in a gang / breaking the law

Regardless of the situation, we have Covert Surveillance operatives who are able to get you the evidence you require.