Corporate & Employee Investigations

Do you need a Company/Employee investigated?


Omega Investigation Services undertakes a wide range of  Investigations that concern Companies and Employees. We have served many  customers who require some due diligence undertaken on particular  companies and regularly investigate Employees on behalf of the companies  they work for. 

Many companies these days are being scammed by their very own  employees who claim to be off sick for a particular reason and are  claiming statutory sick pay whilst they are perfectly able to return to  work. This scam has been going on long enough and here at The Local  Detectives we have the perfect solution which is to Covertly do  Surveillance on the employee to obtain photographic / video evidence of  the employee lying about their sickness or even catch them working  elsewhere. This scam is happening to hundreds if not thousands of  companies in the Michigan alone so if you feel your company is a victim of  this scam then please give us a call now to put a stop to it.

We have been receiving more and more calls from potential customers  with regards to them being scammed by so called companies and many of  the people that come to us have lost thousands of pounds due to some  kind of corporate scam. The Local Detective is a specialist in investigating company scams / corporate fraud and it is very important that if you are a victim of some sort by a company or organization stealing money from you that you get in touch with us immediately as every second counts in order for us to help you get your money back.