People Tracing

Are you looking to locate someone?

Omega Investigation Services specialize in People Tracing. We have a number of techniques and methods which enable us to locate a person who you  have been searching for.

Trying to locate someone who goes missing can be very stressful and  impossible to most people who come to us and this can be very time  consuming. The Local Detectives know how challenging it can be to trace  someone, which is why we do whatever it takes to locate that person and  take away all the stress and pressure from you.

We have a team of experienced male and female investigators who have work in this field who use a number of different methods, depending on the circumstance of each individual case to locate the person you are looking for.

The task of locating someone is never easy and our Private  Investigators will check through various different databases to gather  all relevant information that will enable us to locate the person in  question.


People Tracing

What reasons do people use this service?


Some of the most common reasons people come to us are as follows:

  • To trace someone who owes them money
  • To locate a long lost friend
  • To locate a previous love interest
  • To track down a family member
  • To locate the new address of a tenant who has left owing rental money
  • To locate a debtor who owes a company money
  • To track down your birth mother or birth father

There are many more reasons people use this service and to find out  if we can help with your case please do pick up the phone and get in touch today to find out more.

How long does it usually take to locate someone?

    On average we can complete these types of investigations within 24 hours,  this will depend on how much information you can give us to enable us  to begin, however, do not worry if you have limited information on the  target as we can still locate that person, however, it may take a little  longer.

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